“Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

Di and I always kidded about going into a clothing store when we were at our fattest, and while in the dressing room, ask the sales lady to bring us a size 4 petite. Of course we never did, but it still gives us the giggles. It’d be a Candid Camera moment, that’s for sure.

And while I’m certainly one to appreciate a good harmless prank, there are some people who just don’t think things through. I know two women who are good friends. They like to laugh, and be spontaneous, and have a great time. Recently I heard about a prank they pulled…. They decided it would be great fun to walk into a Weight Watchers meeting and get on the scale, having pretended to have lost well over 100 pounds each. Their plan worked! Everyone was cheering and thrilled for them! But the problem was, these women had never ever been overweight. In fact, one of them is so thin that the tops of her thighs don’t touch. Their plan was to just walk out the door, no one the wiser. That is until one of them decided to come clean, and with tears of laughter streaming down their faces, they told the group they were just kidding. It was all a joke.

When I heard about it, I was sick to my stomach. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific that must have been for those people who were trying so hard to lose weight, to have someone blatantly make fun of them, and demean them, and ridicule their hard work. And why? What was the point? (One of the women is always asking others if her pants make her look fat. I suppose she really does have body image issues.) To be quite honest, I think they’re just bullies who have to make others feel bad in order to feel good. I knew another woman (I do know normal people, I swear!) who told me that she could no longer be my friend (after I’d lost a lot of weight), because now that I was thin, it made her problems seem so much bigger.

Thank goodness for friends like Dianna, who likes me thin or fat (because in her mind, no matter what size I am, she only sees a thin me), who supports me no matter what diet I’m on, who emails me pictures of skinny clothes and tell me how great I’d look in them, who will eat for me when I’ve got a craving, who will laugh with me when the going gets rough, and supports me through the toughest of times! And that’s what we hope those of you who are Weighing Across America, find here with us.

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I'm a Professional dieter. Losing and gaining weight has been a life-long career. I've lost and gained a gazillion pounds, and can eat 6 saltine crackers in under a minute without drinking water. I was also an elementary school librarian for 16 years. I was sneezed on 6,720 times, had 3,460 colds, convinced 2,132 kids to read Harry Potter, wrote one children's book about birds, and fit 32 kindergarteners in a tent.

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