About Us

suzie and dianna at the beach

Why Weigh Across America?
We started blogging for one reason: (Other than the fact that we wanted a hot dog) we wanted to have an outlet for our thoughts, feelings, opinions, and a place where we could tell our stories. We wanted it to be fun and rewarding and cathartic. And just maybe by helping ourselves, we can inspire and help others as we make this journey.

I live in Southern California with my husband of 28 years, our two sons, two of the sweetest black labs ever, and a neurotic cat. When I’m not writing, collecting books, working in my garden (actually, that’s a lie. I don’t work in my garden. My gardener works in my garden. I just walk around and look at it), or rearranging other people’s furniture, I’m filling impressionable young minds with wondrous things ~ I’m an elementary school librarian.

I met Dianna two or three years after we were both married, about 25 years ago. I remember checking out her wedding ring. Her diamond was bigger than mine. But so were her ankles when we were both pregnant. So that did make me feel slightly better. I knew she was the truest of friends when she got me Bobby Sherman’s autograph (which he signed, “Suzie, Suzie, Suzie, do you love me?”). For the past 18 years, we’ve shared a fascinating hobby that has allowed us so many amazing adventures and opportunities, (and one which got us labeled as Lucy and Ethel by a writer for the New York Times).

After spending the first 36 years of my life in Southern California, my husband (of 28 years), 3 sons and I moved to Utah. I am a receptionist for a manufacturing company; my duties include buying donuts for each employee’s birthday because I live near this really great donut factory. Their best donut is a devil’s food one. My favorite books are autobiographies and biographies. I love to learn everything about someone, doesn’t necessarily matter who it is. My favorite autobiography of all time is, ‘Girl Singer,’ by Rosemary Clooney. Suzie and I met Rosemary and I had the thrill of telling her how much I loved her book. That is also the closest I’ve ever come to meeting George Clooney and since they are blood relatives…that is REALLY close. Suzie has a very funny Rosemary Clooney interview story, and I will have her tell it to you sometime. Don’t believe Suzie when she tells you I have a funny Tony Danza interview story. I don’t care to repeat it as the whole experience made me sick to my stomach. If Suzie insists on my telling you the story, I will have to tell you the lie Suzie told Ginger Rogers.

My ankles were huge during my pregnancy. A lady, who saw them, actually asked (and did) come over to my house and took pictures of them. Suzie and I became friends after she asked me if I knew what Royal Doulton was and I did. When I told Suzie’s mom that I had Lenox china, she approved of mine and Suzie’s friendship (that’s just for a laugh, but it’s oddly kinda true).  My grandma always said that you either laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Suzie prefers to laugh. Sometimes we laugh until we cry. I wish my grandma were here to explain that.